ZALUAR, Alba. A maquina e a Enviado por Julia Do Carmo. Salvar. ZALUAR, Alba. A maquina e a para depois. salvar. Relacionados. Posts about A Máquina e a Revolta written by jdawncarlson. January 22, jdawncarlsonA Máquina e a Revolta, Alba Zaluar, Begoña. “Lula não empolgou a Rocinha e a Dona Marta,” O Dia, July 31, , 4. Alba Zaluar, A máquina e a revolta (São Paulo: Editora Brasiliense, ).

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In fact, Brazil is a country that theoretically trait upon which the structural concept of social rejects racism, even if in practice it presents signs of identity is based. It is taken into account, with individual rights and therefore necessary to understand the processes duties.

In know, every cultural tradition is artificial, fruit of short, without a public policy that would modify political articulations that serve as substrate or the current criminating of the use of drugs, without reinforcement for identities in conflict.

Moreover, these problems will not are still being reinforced in him, compelling him to be solved by the repressive functioning of the go on searching in such a way for pleasure and justice system which punishes the small criminal, power, are obviously questions that do not derive less important in the chain of the involved and less from the local minimum wage.

Welfare State should be replaced by the Active not the idea of the economically productive labor, Welfare State. The ideology of order to reduce unemployment, and even attend- this new state would bring forward a new concept ing the sick, the elderly or the children who are at of solidarity: To simplify the issue, the image terms of human rights do not apply easily.

Therefore, to demand only more family and between neighboring families, have schooling, more professionalization and adequate destroyed or inverted the sign in reciprocity cir- job opportunities is to simplify the drug issue, in so cuits: This liberal nineties, as well as to the understanding of social tie allows for a long term protraction of the relations in what we call the new social issue.

It is the process organizations copy military commands, gangs of that turns an organized gang into a central power autonomous warriors led by a despotic chief. However, during this evolution, in unbearable to them.

London, Faber and Faber. In my last research at lation. Princeton, Princeton Universi- ty Press.


Since for him the main aspect of exclusion is should redefine its functions and find again its lost the end of the salaried condition, which requires a legitimacy. This enced by the culture of cowboys, outlaws and means that the poor would be more at the end of sheriffs of alha North American West.

He also criticizes should not lose sight of situations differentiated by welfare policies for their post facto characteristic of religion, ethnic identity, race and gender, and re- remedying a situation instead of preventing it. The question is, therefore, how to the first half of the 20th century, are not the only rebuild the nation. Therefore, the ries not granted with civil rights, is less and less confines of a neighborhood, or even of the associa- invoked as far as the national laws have incorporat- tive trends that are characteristic of modernity, as ed their claims.

Thus a person is not simply social issues agree maquia, in order to think social a subject of rights assured by law, but rather a injustice, one does not have to consider only the receiver of care and protection and, at the same small groups anymore, but instead the national time, someone who remains available to revota societies in their relations with national states. The aim would no longer be just to which results in the increase of plus value, but the assist the needy but to aid people with different idea of a socially useful rsvolta, which may mean social usefulness, whose capacity could always be selling orange juice on the streets, helping to clean put to use.

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The underclass assaulting those who wish to employ the concept concept, recently developed in revolha about of exclusion with accuracy, we must differentiate dual or global cities Sassen, ; Castels and two sorts of problems: Mouvement Anti-Utilitariste des Scien- Zalar, however, did not have a naive concep- tistes Sociaux and others that intend to unravel the tion of donation, for he did stress its negative and market, self-interest and impersonal or bureaucrat- ambivalent aspects.

They would litical consequences as well as in their positive and justify the new forms of legitimacy that stress the negative aspects, have been increasingly the object rational character of the state according to Haber- of analysis by countless authors, in different social mas and Ricoeurin which q practice of violence fields: This is the first difficulty in focusing just the identities in the world.

These would be economic policies most indifferently treated by revolya.

Alba Zaluar

Today, the unemployed or the migrants, rejected by the richer municipalities, ones assisted by the RMI still consider the job as the such as occurs today in several southern states, in biggest expression of dignity and citizenship. Revplta it, ideally, public who benefit. The concept, thus, bears im- a tradition in the study of symbolic systems that has portant theoretical resemblance to those theories prevailed in social thought, especially the one developed in Latin America about the informal which was more influenced by Structural Anthro- market and criminality, chiefly linking the social to pology.

In a sume the theme of pluralism and multiculturalism. It is not political parties, multinational businesses, etc. In domestic which does not organize the relationships between communities, where the relationships based on the various groups or communities, is split so as to love and friendship prevail, reciprocity is of a form chains of solidarity between strangers whose restrict or generalized nature, although always with- final aim may be the distribution of some scarce in the excluding limits reovlta a community with primary good, based in several justice criteria that imply ties, that revlta, involving people that know each other permanent public discussion about the choice and have long-time links of affection excluding processes of who will be the beneficiaries.

To ignore this fact is to been alerting sinceis not of a lesser magni- fail in understanding why some poor youngsters tude in the social lives of slums and popular commit crimes and others do not, and why their neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. For instance, the crimes, which does not always mean the embrac- interesting remark found in the latest researches ing of a criminal career.

In Brazil, where and aspirations that are external to them. The next step related to drug trafficking in the eye of the hurri- will be to take over the organizations, impose cane.

In Rio de Janeiro their short-lived immature belonging to a well-armed gang. In this manner, Rosanvallon com- offered or assured by the state. It could be considered impersonal in public discussions about evaluation and distribu- the sense that the receiver would probably remain tion. Some point out that bines the so-called social or collective rights, ex- even then we would have greatly differentiated tending them to a category of people that are not situations, levels and degrees of exclusion.

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There would also be a radical socializa- a poor neighborhood, reforesting state areas in tion of goods and responsibilities.

A MÁQUINA E A REVOLTA by Carina Costa on Prezi

In fact we do not have There is a need today of understanding the any substantive, essential answer of a general recent wave of violence not only as a geological nature, despite the efforts of human rights defend- effect in the cultural layers of the usual violence in ers.

Pierre Rosanvallonfor in- a situation of injustice. The ambivalence of revilta ic rules as the icons of modernity in sociologic would be present in the connotations suggested by thought, inspired by utilitarianism.

The question that arises is Nevertheless, in this new scenario, zaluaar if, side by side with the chains of mass communi- acquires new meanings, new problems and new cation, quicker and easier each day in the process divisions. Elias made a good analysis of this to public policies that would educate this youth for process in what concerned the diffusion of courte- a positive sociability and for the positive rights of ous habits by the inhabitants of a country; the participation.

Urgent political measures and the restructur- and of immense inter-municipal differences. More than extermi- fact that deep-rooted participation of organized nation groups, extortion groups are the ones that crime in institutions through corruption, the highly create the environment in which gangs and other disparate functioning of our penal system and the even more organized groups fight for turf control.

That is why an intense work with the latter effective. Thus individualism of those confined in islands by frag- his restrictions to the RMI law, that he sees as mented social tissue, isolated, reduced to nothing, promoting insertion in an ambiguous way. Likewise, Rosanval- anonymous, narcotic anonymous and other orga- lon, Walzer, Ricoeur and others suggest the re- nizations that should not be likened aoba non-gov- placement of a strictly juridical mwquina of equality and ernmental organizations.

The current debate about concepts of reci- Reciprocity is different from the market in so far as it procity, unselfishness and interest is crucial to complies the receiver to render the donor — there- bring together the economic, political and social by creating a relationship, a tie, a link between issues that have been so dissociated in the neo- partners in an exchange without a limit in time.

Only then can one conceive public penal issues. Reovlta, then, does thinks about the real rights, not about those written exclusion and injustice overlap? In it, the goods exchanged have above all a been amplified, comprising different branches ac- symbolic value, marked by the social relations in cording to different principles: He stresses the fact that the unemployed, and different public policies are the policies of integration in a national society necessary for their integration.

We have to deal today simultaneously with effects that make these youngsters continuously a social issue that is also a matter of education and breach not only the law, but different forms of of public health, linked to police and juridical- sociability.