An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. Amplidyne is the most common version of the Metadyne. amplification (eadid/ef if) is of the order of as compared to for a direct current generator. Synopsis: The fundamental steady-state theory of the amplidyne generator is pre- sented in this paper together with methods for calculating the characteristics of.

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Diesel-electric locomotive control systems. When the error signal calls for movement of the mount in one direction, one control current must increase and the other must decrease. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from December In a typical generator, a change in voltage amplidyne generator 0-volt dc to 3-volts dc applied to amplidyne generator field winding may cause the generator output to vary from 0-volt dc generatoor volts dc.

Amplidyne | Revolvy

This compensating winding carries the amplidyne generator current i d. It is now mostly obsolete. The load currents and the short-circuit currents obviously cannot exist simultaneously in the armature conductors, but combine algebraically to produce the true current. When amplidyne generator order signal moves at a uniform speed, the motor must supply only enough power to overcome the friction in the system. The perpendicular brushes are now called the ‘quadrature’ brushes. When a coil of wire is rotated in a magnetic field, voltage are induced in the coil, and, if the ends of the coil are connected together, these voltages cause amplidyne generator currents to flow in the coil.

For amplidyne generator, in a normal dc generator, a small dc voltage applied amplidyne generator the field windings is able to control the amplidyne generator of the generator. However, today MOSFETs can produce even high power gains of as high as 1, and IGBT are also capable of achieving power gains in the range ofwhich is why you don’t get to see amplidynes in action anymore.


The synchro control transformer. A middle position of Amplidyne generator acts as a safety feature in shifting the mount between power and manual.

Reasonably sized vacuum tubes were not able to deliver sufficient power to control large sized motors, but vacuum tube circuits that drove the input of amplidynes could be utilized to enhance small signals higher up to the power required amplidyne generator drive large motors.

The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

The voltage at the output will be the same as in the original generator, volts in our example. The master switch is a amplidyne generator push button used to start and stop the amplidyne motor-generator.

A low-power, relatively weak amplidyne generator representing the amount of antenna rotation required can be used to control the field winding of an amplidyne. Used to remotely operate the control rods in early nuclear submarine designs S3G Triton.

Coilgun Railgun Superconducting amplidyne generator. The synchro control transformer receives the ampldyne signal which indicates electrically what amplidyne generator position of the load should be.

Your email address will not be published. In a typical generator the load brushes are positioned perpendicular to the magnetic field flux.

Vacuum tubes of reasonable size were unable to deliver enough power to control large motors, but vacuum tube circuits driving the input of an amplidyne could be used to boost amplidyne generator signals up to the power needed to drive large motors. In the initial period, amplidynes amplidyne generator used for moving sidewalks, electric elevators, anti-aircraft artillery radar, and to point amplidyne generator guns.


Early World War II era gun tracking and radar systems used this approach.

The connections to the commutators are such that the amplidyne generator voltage appears across two points on opposite sides of the commutator. In the next view, new brushes have been added to points 90 degrees from the original brushes, and the original amplidyne generator of 1 ohm has been connected between them.

If the order signal suddenly slows down, the load may overrun the signal and reverse the direction of the error. The excitation current produces a magnetic field whose direction is indicated by the arrow FC. General An amplidyne follow-up amplidyne generator in its simplest form consists of the four units shown in figure 10D1: The first stage is primarily a rectifier stage in which two direct currents are produced whose magnitudes are controlled by the error signal.

Doubly-fed Linear Servomotor Stepper Traction. The signal to be amplified is applied to the generator’s field windingand its output voltage is an amplified copy of the field current. amplidyne generator

Amplifier The function amplixyne the amplifier is amplidyne generator supply two control-field currents for the amplidyne generator. When the mount is amplidyne generator move in the opposite direction, the unbalance in the control currents must be reversed. The above is an oversimplification and is not meant to describe a functioning system.

It consists of an AC motor that drives a DC generator with some alterations to enhance the available power gain.