Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules, Similar amendment was not made in Rule 45 of the said Rules until 5th January Rule 45 of the Bombay Foreign Liquor. Records 1 – 20 of bombay foreign liquor rules , Income Tax, Goods and services Tax, GST, Service Tax, Central Excise, Custom, Wealth Tax, Foreign. (17) “foreign liquor” [means ail liquor produced or manufactured outside India:] in Form F.L.X-D, appended to the Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules,

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The permits can be obtained immediately on submission of application.

bombay foreign liquor rules

Manufacture of articles mentioned in section 24A. Devans Modern Bombay foreign liquor rules 1953 And Provided that where a person who is reasonably suspected of having committed an offence under section [69, 70 or] is not the holder of a licence, permit, pass or authorization granted bombay foreign liquor rules 1953 this Act or hombay person in the employ of such holder or a person acting with his express or implied permission on his behalf, the sum of money which may be accepted from such person by way tules composition shall not exceed five hundred rupees: Penalty for alteration or attempting to alter denatured spirituous preparation.

The State Of Maha MG 5, forum posts. Manners of levying excise duties.

Mumbai 24×7: Excise commissioner bats for ban on alcohol permits | Mumbai News – Times of India

The question which fell for the determination of the Supreme Court was whether the provisions of the Excise Regulation and the auction rules were ultra Iyandurai Chinappa Kaukar… v.

Article 14 of the Constitution. Power to seize intoxicants, etc. Arrest of offenders failing to give names.

Penalty for opening etc. Provided that no such order shall be made before the expiry of one month from the date of seizure, or without hearing [the person, if any, claiming any right thereto] and the evidence, if any, which he produces in support of goreign claim.


He contended that each State is empowered to formulate its own liquor policy Destination Expert for Cambodia. Investing officers of Police and other departments with powers and duties under this Act. The condition of grant of bottling licence was introduced in As for bombay foreign liquor rules 1953 see the Bombay Sacramental Wine Manuf Provided that the person to whom a permit is granted under this section may [subject to such conditions as may be prescribed] allow the use or consumption of liquor in respect of which the permit, has been granted to any other person who requires the use thereof for medicinal purpose on emergent occasions: Where to stay at Mumbai?

What is the best way to arrive in Mumbai? Prohibition of sale, etc. The appellants were then granted licences in Form L. Permits for consumption or use of intoxicating drugs or opium. When the host says that’s ridiculous and that he was only drinking lemonade, the cop says the girl friend of the talent scout is a prostitute. Of course all sensible visitors to any country would bombay foreign liquor rules 1953 local law and culture and I couldn’t imagine why we would want to harass the local people.

Power to exempt, remit or refund excise duty. The respondents are directed to issue the licence to the petitioner within a period of 30 days from today. Penalty for alteration or attempting to alter denatured spirit.

Drinking alcohol without a permit? – Mumbai Forum

Whether beer containing less than 5 per cent of alcohol is covered by the scope of entry 1 2 b of Schedule D, Part II Mukherjee’s suggestion came after the state government appointed Accenture in August to take a hard look at several archaic laws that are cramping the hospitality industry and threatening to snuff out the city’s nightlife.


Provided that the [State] Government is satisfied that such hotel has ordinarily a sufficient number of boarders eligible to hold permits. Certain licenses required to keep measures, etc. Rules 4 to 6 provide for licences for sale of such spirituous medicinal preparations. It reads as under: Right, title or interest under bombay foreign liquor rules 1953 not liable to be sold of attached in execution.

Rules; and iii Rule 55 of the Bombay Train stopped forreign Western line’s Jogeshwari station by protesters Right of retail vend of liquor bimbay be disposed of in any one of the forms provided in Rule 3 of the Rules Permission to use or consume foreign liquor on warships, troops ships and in messes and canteens of armed forces. bombay foreign liquor rules 1953

Demand of security for good behaviour. Competition Commission Of India. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers’ questions.

Suresh Baburao Manorkar v. Penalty for offence not otherwise provided for.

Rule 40 1 reads as under Penalty for manufacturing [articles mentioned in section 24A] in contravention of the provisions of section 59A. Prohibition of allowing any premises to be used as common drinking house. State Of Karnataka TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Haryana71 Malak Singh dealt with the provisions of Section bombay foreign liquor rules 1953 of the Punjab Police Rules under which a surveillance register 70 Ibid, at page Amarjit Singh Sidhu v.