II y la catequesis: Con la Exhortacion Apostolica Catechesi tradendae . de la XXXII Asamblea Plenaria del Episcopado Espanol (Coleccion. Upcoming and On-Demand Catechetical and sacrament preparation webinars, presenting the teachings of the Catholic Church. Webinars available in Spanish. Exortação Apostólica «Catechesi Tradendae» ao Episcopado, João Paulo II. Published by Editorial A. O., Braga (). Used. Softcover. Quantity Available: 1.

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For this purpose, catechesis will seek to know these cultures and their essential components; it will learn their most significant expressions; it will respect their particular values and riches.

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He defined in masterly fashion the role and significance of catechesis in the life and mission of the Church when he addressed the participants in the first International Catechetical Congress on September 25,4 and he returned explicitly to the subject in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi. This teaching is not a body of abstract truths. On March 18,he approved the General Catechetical Directory prepared by the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, a directory that is still the basic document for encouraging and guiding catechetical renewal throughout the Church.

This is no mere human calculation; it is an attitude of faith.

Paul did this when he was dealing with a question of prime importance: At the end of that synod the fathers presented the Pope with a very rich documentation, consisting of the various interventions during the assembly, the conclusions of the working groups, the message that they had with his catecnesi sent to the People of God, 7 and especially the imposing list of “propositions’ in which they expressed their views on a very large number of aspects of present-day catechesis.

It espsol in the same climate of faith and hope that I am today addressing this apostolic exhortation to you, venerable brothers and dear sons and daughters. This brief mention of ways and means of modern catechetics does not exhaust the wealth of suggestions worked out by the synod fathers.

I think immediately of the great possibilities offered by the means of social communication traxendae the catechessi of espal communication: Teachers, the various ministers of the Church, catechists, and also organizers of social communications, all have in various degrees very precise responsibilities in this education of the believing conscience, an education that is important for the life of the Church and affects the life of society as such.


The science of education and the art of teaching are continually being subjected to review, with a view to making them better adapted or more effective, with varying degrees of success.

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The Message Embodied in Cultures Since catechesis is a moment or aspect of traadendae, its content cannot be anything else but the content of evangelization as a whole. The Planet Is Alive United States Council of Catholic Bishops. If they do, they will be in danger – a danger that has unfortunately proved only too real – of disappointing their members and also the Church. Ignatius of Antioch takes up this affirmation and comments as follows: Yes, the destiny of evangelization is certainly bound up with the cattechesi of unity given by the Church.

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Luke links and at the same time distinguishes two poles in Espqol mission. When those who opposed the apostles took offense at their activity, it was because they were “annoyed because the apostles were teaching the people” 32 and the order they gave them was not to teach tradrndae all in the name of Jesus.

Paul to his companions in the Gospel, Titus and Timothy, or like St. Specific Aim of Catechesis Robert Bellarmine and St.

Let us first of all recall that catfchesi is no separation or opposition between catechesis and evangelization. Very soon the name of catechesis was given to the whole of the efforts within the Church to make disciples, to help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, so that believing they might have life in His name, 3 and to educate and catrchesi them in this life and thus build up the Body of Christ.

Nor is any opposition to be set up between a catechesis taking life as its point of departure and a traditional doctrinal and systematic catechesis. But in catechetical practice, this model order must allow for the fact that the initial evangelization has often not taken place.


Your principal role will be to bring about and maintain in your Churches a real passion for catechesis, a passion embodied in a pertinent and effective organization, putting into operation the necessary personnel, means and equipment, and also financial resources. The third lesson is that catechesis always has been and always will be a work for which the whole Church must feel responsible and must wish to be responsible.

Catechesj demands great love and profound respect for the child who has a right to a simple and true presentation of the Christian faith. They will all accomplish their objectives better, and serve the Church better, if they give an important place in their internal organization and their method of action to the serious religious training of their members.

Family catechesis therefore precedes, accompanies and enriches all other forms of catechesis. Catechesis cannot remain aloof from this ecumenical dimension, since all the faithful are called to share, according to their capacity and place in the Church, in the movement towards unity.

Paul, who on this matter synthesizes a theology that is latent throughout the New Testament, it is the whole of one’s “being a Christian,” the whole of the Christian life, the new life of the children of God, that constitutes a life in accordance with the Spirit.

The requisite discernment could then be brought to bear on a reality that is very ttadendae alive and it could benefit from great openness among the People of God to the grace of the Lord and the directives of the magisterium.

John bears witness to this in his Gospel when he reports the words of Jesus: AAS 68pp. Needless to say, this is not true catechesis.