Les modifications apportées à la Constitution sont les suivantes: Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit: Le Peuple Haïtien proclame la. posse-de la nationalite haitienne d’ origine, tout individu ne pere h aiti en ou Les articles ,,13,14 et 15 de la Constitution de sont abroges. The Constitution of Haiti (French: Constitution d’Haïti) was modeled after the constitutions of the . Constitution of Haïti – ‘s copy in English.

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Constitution de la République d’Haiti, 29 mars 1987

Members of the Armed Forces exercise constittion right to vote, under the Constitution haitienne de 1987. The State must award benefits to military personnel of all ranks, fully guaranteeing their physical security.

The Municipal term is four 4 years, and its members may be re-elected for an indefinite number of terms. Legal holidays shall be determined by law. If, meanwhile, the high parties constitution haitienne de 1987 agreement, the terms of the agreement shall constltution a matter of course terminate the procedure under way. No special court may be established under any name whatever. Dismissals must in all cases be ruled upon by the Court of Administrative Disputes.

The cult of the personality is categorically forbidden.

To be elected to the Senate, a person must: Pensions paid by the State are indexed to the cost of living. In the constitution haitienne de 1987 of conflicts between members of the armed forces; c.

Haiti Politique – Haitian Politics:: The right to own real property is accorded to aliens resident in Haiti for the needs hqitienne their sojourn in the country. Any bill passed by the Legislature shall be immediately forwarded to the President of the Constitution haitienne de 1987, who, before promulgation it, has the right to make objections to it in all or in part. The State recognizes the right of every citizen to decent housing, education, food and social security.

Text ARTICLE – Constitution of Haiti |

Uses of property cannot be contrary to the general interest. En cas de faute haitiienne commise dans l’exercice de leur fonction, les membres du Conseil Electoral Constitution haitienne de 1987 sont passibles de la Haute Cour de Justice. Its jurisdiction extends throughout the territory of the Republic. Before taking office, the members of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative disputes shall take the following oath before a section of constitution haitienne de 1987 Supreme Court: If the objection are rejected by the House that originally passed the bill, it shall be returned to the other House with the objections.


Haiti: Constitution,

Constitution haitienne de 1987 – Senator Rony Celestin urges fellow Senators to do the people’s job so haitirnne can get out of dire poverty. Freedom and privacy of correspondence and any other forms of communication are inviolable. Le Conseil Electoral Permanent est renouvelable par tiers tous les 3 trois ans. La Constitution haitienne de 1987 sanctionne les infractions contre le le fisc et l’enrichissement illicite.

In the event the Legislature is haitidnne in special session, it may not decide on any matter other than that for which it was called. Each member of the Legislature receives a monthly stipend from the time he takes oath. The mode of organization and operation of the Commune and the Municipal Council are regulated by law.

The law may create any other territorial division. Each House checks and validates the credentials of its members and is the final judge of any disputes that may arise in this regard.

Have resided at least two 2 consecutive years prior to constitution haitienne de 1987 date of the elections in the electoral district he is to represent; 5. However, any Senator or Deputy may introduce a matter constitution haitienne de 1987 general fe in an Assembly of which he is a member. Have attained thirty 30 years of age; 3.

La Force Publique se compose de deux 2 Corps distincts: No tax exemption, increase, decrease or elimination may be established except by law. Enjoy civil and political rights and constitutikn have been sentenced to death, constitution haitienne de 1987 constraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights; 4. It attends working meetings of the Council of Ministers, when they discuss subjects mentioned in the preceding paragraph and has the right to vote.

All offenses involving constitution haitienne de 1987 press and abuses of the right of expression come under the code of criminal law. See to surveillance of the land, sea and air boundaries; d. The bill is dated on the day of it final adoption by the two 2 Houses. The Municipal Council may be dissolved for negligence, embezzlement, or maladministration, legally determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.


The act of the President of the Republic declaring a state of siege must be countersigned by the Prime Minister and by all of the Ministers and contain an immediate convocation of the National Assembly to decide on the desirability of the measure.

No charge or tax, whether imposed by a Department, a Haitiennr, constitution haitienne de 1987 Communal Section, may be established without the consent of its territorial divisions. The Department has legal personality and is constitution haitienne de 1987.

Be a native-born Haitian and never have renounced his nationality; 2. After five years of continuous residence in the territory of the Republic, any foreigner may obtain Haitian nationality by naturalization, in conformity with the regulations established by law. If the bill thus amended is voted on by the second House, it will be sent back to the President of the Republic for promulgation.

The State must finance the operation and development of the Haitian State University and the public superior schools.

A Senator of Republic is elected by universal suffrage by an absolute majority of votes in the Primary Assemblies held in the geographic Departments, under the terms prescribed by the Electoral Law. They may not be discharged, placed on inactive service, placed on half pay, or retired early except with their consent. Haiti is an indivisible, sovereign, independent, cooperatist, free, democratic and social republic. The House of Deputies is a body composed of constitution haitienne de 1987 elected by direct suffrage by the citizens and is responsible for exercising, on their behalf and in concert with the Senate, constitution haitienne de 1987 functions of the legislative branch.