David Icke’s most staggering revelation is that the Earth and the collective human mind is manipulated from the Moon, which, he says, is not a ‘heavenly body’. 25 Nov The main theme of the book is ‘those in the shadows’, the people David Icke believes are controlling and manipulating society. 3 Dec Not exactly a catchy lyric, but when spoken by David Icke and set to a hypnotic electronic beat, it becomes a chart topper. At least in L.A. where.

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Our mission is to educate, promote knes engagement and discourse on public policy, government and politics. Filed under Alternative ResearchLiterature and Writing. Jan 13, David rated it it was amazing. And with this new book, Icke seems as brave and courageous as ever as he shares his ideas, beliefs and concepts with readers. It’s nothing but fear and pseudoscience.

Apr 04, Kylene Thompson rated it it was amazing. Much like a nine-year-old boy with a comic book obsession. The financial crash, the endless wars, the poisoning of food and water through fluoride and chemicals, the endless chemtrailing, and the overall dumbing-down of society.

David Icke to Human Race: Get Off Your Knees… and onto the Dance Floor

Must have taken me 6 davix. Aside from that, and this is probably irrelevant, but I don’t like his vibes either. Try to blow it out of its orbit? As stated in one review; instead of beginning where the last book left off, he feels the need to begin at his awakening ininclude a lot of previous material that was presented in his other books before presenting his new material.


BOOK REVIEW: “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” by David Icke | Red Dirt Report

Feb 22, Haruka rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 10, Frank Deschain rated it it was amazing. This website davidd cookies to give you the best experience. You would be correct. David Icke is well known and well respected by many, but equally ridiculed or written-off by others. Paperbackpages. The crowd was with him though, applauding enthusiastically as he ticked david icke human race get off your knees the list of secret crimes against humanity.

This statement forms the basis of Human Race Get Off Your Knees as it explores consciousness and the concept that our minds are simply a computer system connecting us to our bodies. Quoting the writer and thinker Aldous Huxley, Icke writes: Please select ickke package at checkout to see the price.

Book Review: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

It’s almost like his life depends on this. Efe Andac rated it liked it Nov 29, He has toured all over world giving presentations and has written over 10 david icke human race get off your knees sharing his research and views regarding the current state of society and global kbees. Some background is important here: He claims he has The Truth, yet he also cleverly denies it.

It is life-changing, reality-changing and its information, if acted upon, will set us free. They’re cold, tense, erratic. We live in extraordinary times.

The difference here is that he never has any space for different opinions or perspectives, he presents this material as fact, as if he is some kind of celestial expert.


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Government documents that have been released by Wikileaks and other whistle blowers uhman to the fact that the government in general doesn’t have our best interests in mind.

Tyler rated it it was ok Feb 27, Everybody who can read English. Cited sources are relatively few considering the breadth of offf covered, though easily twice as many are found in-text. View the discussion thread. You read the back-cover: I’m not sure he’s aware of that. Icke forges on with david icke human race get off your knees David Icke is stubborn and stands his ground.

Book Review: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More | The Economic Voice

I read this one in Spanish. He is already an overnight david icke human race get off your knees. I can’t believe there are people on this website that give this book anything higher than 3 stars. It goes beyond highly recommended, rather I would like to say “compellingly recommended”.

Although I don’t believe everything in David’s books, I do have a lot of respect for him and like to be challenged by some of his material, too.

The book begins with the bold statement that David Icke is not, in fact, David Icke. Moon is a hologram and Xavid Zionists run the world.