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el Decreto Supremo N°/, y sus modificaciones, del Ministerio de Educación, 1, MOROCCO. UNIVERSITE HASSAN I. 1, 4, NETHERLANDS. LEIDEN UNIVERSITY. 4, SPAIN. Product EndofLife Notice EndofSale and EndofLife Announcement for the Cisco Small Business Stackable Managed Switches EOL Barcelona. Spain. Tel. +34 93 , Fax: + 34 93 .. ). Furthermore, role models are found to have a greater influence over the . proposed by the law (Real Decreto) / of the Government of Spain (BOE ).

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Prospective and decdeto analyses showed that stasis and growth contributed most to population growth rate and that the differences between the two populations were accounted for a lower fecundity and stasis in Xochicalco compared to Tembembe. Agave angustifolia is commonly used for mezcal production. The survival of these seedlings was recorded monthly for a year.

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Seeds are black, flat, and triangular in shape, ca. For instance, it is believed that A.

For the estimation of G and Pwe averaged the results of the protected and exposed microsites, assuming that seeds may fall evenly in either 22007 of microsite.

Additionally, numerical simulations were carried out to evaluate the potential effect of juvenile introduction plants in the second category as part of an ecological restoration project in Tembembe. Its lower part is slightly warmer and dryer that the higher one. This study was carried out at two different sites in the Mexican state of Morelos, near Cuernavaca city ca.

Another important result of matrix analysis is the stable size distribution to which the population would converge if the current demographic behavior remained constant over time i.

Análisis demográfico de Agave angustifolia (Agavaceae) con énfasis en la restauración ecológica

The most common shrub species are Lantana hispida and Acacia farnesiana. It is important to consider that part of the Agave angustifolia population sampled at Tembembe was located inside a cattle exclusion plot that was set at the site one year before the start of the study. Similarly, most of the contributions referring to vegetative spread were positive in Xochicalco, and negative in Tembembe, except for a 4,5 Figure 6.


Cultivation is often carried out by replanting vegetatively produced offshoots. Seasonally Dry Tropical Forestspp. Also in the cacti Coryphantha werdermannii and Mammillaria magnimamma populations were negatively affected by disturbance Valverde et al. In both sites, the highest elasticity values corresponded to the persistence stasis of individuals in categories 4, 5 and 6.

In Mayour original population sample and individuals in Xochicalco and Tembembe, respectively had only a few reproductive individuals. Additionally, Agave angustifolia plants are sometimes harvested for mezcal production in the area.

In this study we address the demographic behavior of two natural populations of Agave angustifoliaone in a well preserved TDF, and another one at the site under restoration: In Mexico, of the ca. The information contained in a matrix reflects the population dynamics driven by births and deaths only, ignoring migration in a specific time period, and the projection of this behavior through time assumes that it remains constant, which is clearly an unrealistic assumption.

Finally, we obtained the probability of seed germination termed G and seedling survival in the field termed P from the summer of up to May from the field experiments described above, for each site. Population density was significantly higher at Xochicalco 5. In our study, the slight differences in the demography of the two populations cannot be accounted for only as a result of disturbance level, as the two sites also vary in relation to climate and soil.


We base this suggestion on the high seed germination percentage, seedling survival probability and population growth rate obtained in the disturbed site, which imply that the population is barely affected by the high disturbance level which characterizes the area. The two bottom lines refer to the size-specific mortality rate q x and sample size per category N.

Srwmp k9 eu pdf

Population growth rate did not vary significantly between decreeto two sites, suggesting that the difference in disturbance level between sites does not have an important effect on the population dynamics of Agave angustifolia.

The observed and the stable size structure differed significantly in both sites Xochicalco: In Mayall the sampled individuals at the two study sites were measured rosette diameter and their reproductive status was recorded.

The matrix for this site was modified to simulate the introduction of 10, 50,and 1, juveniles in the sample area. Tembembein which the three main demographic process are represented. In addition to survival and growth data, we also recorded reproduction. Journal of Arid Environments Revista Chilena de Historia Natural The resulting seedlings were temporarily transplanted to small pots and then 476 to the dwcreto.

We also recorded offshoot production emergence of daughter rosettesas well as reproduction, and integrated them in the matrices. Deforestation of seasonally dry tropical forest: Seedling survival and seed germination were highest in Tembembe. Agave angustifolia decdeto a relatively widespread geographic distribution, spanning from northern Mexico to southern Costa Rica.

In Xochicalco only three individuals out of were observed reproducing, all in size category 6.