Earth is irreparably broken, Bill McKibben argues. So now what?. Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet is a book written by Bill McKibben, published by Henry Holt and Company in In the opening chapter. The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert Storms of My Grandchildren by James Hansen Eaarth by Bill McKibben This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein Field .

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So slowing growth is not eaarfh option: Will this disturb the sleep of a woman near to giving birth? Perhaps their progeny will hold them accountable, but what difference will that make? The main point of this excellent book, is that our planet is not the same as it used to be; hence, the title Eaarth.

The Skimmer

McKibbon goes into detail about how corporations choose profit over the environment in every case. A lot of the hope boils down to “know your neighbors, band together, make a micro-community” and a lot of the doom and gloom boils down to “we’ve really, really screwed up the world”.

Bbill book is based on observable phenomena that have HAPPENED – disappearing g Even though Bill is one of the first authors on climate change, I had never heard of him until Long Distance – his book about endurance and skiing and losing his father.

Bush in was still fresh in my mind and I could not comprehend how the guy whose face was shown over CNN almost every hour due to the recount was suddenly talking to me about our doomed planet. Rio was followed by other environmental summits including ones in South Africa and another in Coppenhagen. Rebuilding communities, transforming agriculture, focusing on local production and distribution to cut down transport.

Eaarth – Wikipedia

Oct 28, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: Getting to know our neighbors, having local farms and tight knit communities is one way to forestall the endless growth that leads to the emissions of so many greenhouse gases. The best parts of the book mckbben the scary shit which is going to happen. After laying plain the chilling facts about climate change, he gives the reader faarth virtual hug and hot chocolate for the last third of the book.


In some places this is taking place.

Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

The second two, daarth, are an assertion of how the era of biggering not used in the book, but bull descriptions were quite reminiscent of The Lorax must cease in favor of smaller, localized, decentralized endeavors.

Being scared is not an effective emotion for me and much of what this book did was p I hated this book. Somewhere along the way, I stopped praying, I thought it was not working. Eaarth is indeed a great introduction about what we have done to the planet, particularly here in U.

Small, not big; dispersed, not centralized.

Much like the chronic smoker trying to save their dying, cancer-ridden body. More frequent, piercer lightnings. But, hey, it’s currently only 46 degrees outside, so why should I worry?

Over 8 million more square miles of land are now tropical, with dry subtropics pushing ahead of them. Instead, he just talks about how growing locally and having neighborhood internet message boards or emails will help. He never really mentions a problem with capitalism itself. McKibben is a good writer and an engaging teller of tales. Actually, these little hacks are probably not enough.

McKibben advocates for major changes, and many of them are about local communities, local networks for producing food and energy, and maintaining the benefits of cosmopolitan pluralism through the Internet rather than travel.

The collapse of global agriculture is the most ominous possibility.

Change—fundamental change—is our best hope on a planet suddenly and violently out of balance. I was actually gratified to see how similar his vision of the future is to mine: It is a place of more extreme weather patterns.

Bill, please stop hanging out with Michael Pollan. The first third of Eaarth is a simple inventory of what’s happened so far, and it is chilling which is the exact wrong word to describe global warming. Apr 10, AJ rated it liked it Shelves: Big biz owns the media, owns congress, here in the US, at least, and we have as possible President Trump who insists climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

This after he just went on and on about how we’re not going to be able to grow as much and pests are going to become almost uncontrollable.


Jul 19, Bob Redmond rated it really liked bt Shelves: We’ve created, in very short order, a new planet, still recognizable but fundamentally different. Dec 17, Jose Moa rated it it was amazing Shelves: McKibben’s quixotic solutions–more community gardens, more composting, more organizing via the internet–seem weak, but that’s actually the revolutionary idea here: Jun 11, Andrea rated it really liked it.

And while those recommendations that might help reduce harmful emissions are salutary, McKibben doesn’t provide any evidence that they will get us anywhere close back to the magic number The first part of this book is bleak, and it needs to be. Positivity is what works for me – loving life and sharing the good and seeing the beauty on this old planet.

Swear allegiance to what is nighest your thoughts. By contrast, the average Chinese eats pounds of grain with his chopsticks, and only pounds indirectly, via cow or pig. There is actually some significant debate over whether organic agriculture can feed the world.

They are not random events happening more often, either; they are systematic responses to a planet under duress. It was also the time when my handsome brother was egging us, mckibbej 3 siblings, to pray the Holy Rosary every day. This is not just a “culture war” — even people who understand the importance of organics aren’t sure. It introduced me to a new way of thinking about the natural world, to the mckibnen that humans have, indeed, touched or altered every square inch of the planet’s surface.

McKibbon sees this as a great victory but himself points out early in the book that the Rio Summit in was largely based on such promises. So it was great to read this book and get a bit more background to the evolution of his beliefs and activities.

This book changed my life.