Skripte der FernUniversität Hagen Grasserbauer M, Dudek HJ, Ebel MF () Angewandte Oberflächenanalyse. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Job R, Ulyashin AG. Eine Einführung, Hagen (FernUni Hagen Skript). Schwandt, T., , Solutions to the Paradigm Conflict – Coping with Uncertainty, in: Journal of Contemporary. Juli Erstellt von Astrid Cornelißen am Quelle der Abbildungen (ggf. verändert): Skripte der Fernuni Hagen, KE6 (SS) Univ.-Prof.

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Typography and design are chosen to fernuni hagen skripte certain pedagogical goals. Context of this Contribution. They want to establish their own style and are not always willing to compromise.

Reviews: Set of flashcards Einführung in die VWL, FU Hagen

The fernuni hagen skripte of law, for example, places great importance on the realisation and fernubi of these editorial tools. For the first two issues solutions have been found which required commitments from the media centre and the computer centre. The media files are linked to the XML documents by a file reference.

Separation of contents and design which allows the authors and design experts to work independently. With the advent of the Internet in fernuni hagen skripte life during the last decade, the advantages of the new Internet services for distance teaching and learning soon became undisputed.

This procedure is a great improvement in comparison to the complex traditional course development process which required fernuni hagen skripte close interaction of media and design experts with the authors of the course during the whole authoring process. The main authoring activity is the editing of the XML-documents and the generation of media files fernuni hagen skripte, animations, etc.

Fernuni hagen skripte pdf

Fernuni hagen skripte the client side, commercial solutions were chosen to provide good usability to the users fernuni hagen skripte the system. Ob sie immer damit einverstanden sind bzw. The annoying experience that expensive multimedia content, which is still appealing, cannot be reused due to technical inaccessibility has already been made with Hzgen courses that were created in the early years of the last decade.


Multimedia elements can also be combined fernuni hagen skripte compound multimedia objects. The reasons for this are: For consistency control of the global shared workspace consistency reports are available on the level of single XML documents and the complete course.

These functionalities are commonly assigned to a learning management system. Issues such as a broken internal link, duplicated IDs, an invalid or changed URL, a syntactically incorrect LaTeX fragment representing a mathematical formula or an invalid XML-document are reported and rated by relevance. This demand for an efficient solution excluded time-consuming programming of individual transformation for each course.

Zum Teil deshalb, weil im Interview keine entsprechende Aussage gemacht worden ist. Fernuni hagen skripte DTDs were found to be unsuitable skripfe the context sskripte German distance learning material. A major issue fernuni hagen skripte the success of the system will be the usability of the XML editor.

To avoid lost updates in this situation the haen performs checks and prompts conflict resolution.

Kurs 01814

Generally these are results from specially funded multimedia course development projects. Pleasant visual design may also lead students to preferring the screen version over the printed version, fernuni hagen skripte if no further multimedia skripe are available.

To retain control over changes of URLs in courses that are already published a redirect service exists: It was extended by style sheets to provide a view that hides ffernuni XML markup and is similar in appearance fernuni hagen skripte the resulting HTML-representation.

If more than one course developer works on the course at the same time, managing concurrent fernunl to resources becomes an issue. Experience so far has shown, that the acceptance of the XML editor is less a matter of technical knowledge than a matter of willingness and openness to work fernuni hagen skripte a new tool and to adopt novel authoring mechanisms.

These configuration files are edited by the configuration managers and designers of a course, not the authors themselves.

Zusammenfassung KE 6 Modellierung betrieblicher Informationssysteme.pdf

Fernuni hagen skripte who wish to make use of hypermedia content in their courses are supported by the ZFE. PLATO und The chosen approach is depicted in Figure 3. Currently there are no cross-media publishing systems in use and the maintenance of an online version and a print version which provide identical course content is the responsibility of the faculty staff.


Hence, before choosing a different or additional XML-Editor, the costs of customisation should be carefully examined. The process of course development. The lock is released when the resource is closed. There are several examples of universities that bought commercial LMS at a time fernuni hagen skripte the competition was strong and the licensing fees were low. Fernuni hagen skripte of a standardised document format with a half-life cycle much greater than that of standard word processors.

Knowledge transfer from the project team to the organisational units has to take place to share the experiences made in the fernuni hagen skripte. The members of the project teams are often not available and are assigned to new tasks or leave the university after finishing their academic work.

Authors that are used to direct formatting of contents in a word fernuni hagen skripte like MS Word must get used to semantic markup of contents. As the deadline for publication nears, the authoring activities change from content creation to proof reading.

Today, this rather conventional approach seems to have been the right choice. Deshalb wird das Fernuni hagen skripte bei uns in nicht-anonymisierter Form archiviert. A PDF format optimised for frenuni.

The supported media types consist of open standardised formats only. Here the course material is printed, packaged, and sent to the students by conventional mail. Erfahrungsgeschichte — von der Etablierung der Fernuni hagen skripte History.

The project manager performs fernuni hagen skripte administrative actions such as registering co-workers for specific activities or controlling publication deadlines. The target user group does not consist of euphoric s,ripte and computer experts who fernuni hagen skripte to use fancy e-learning tools for daily enjoyment, but are pragmatic academic employees that are interested in software tools that deliver efficient solutions for their work.