GOCR (or JOCR) is a free optical character recognition program, initially written by Jörg Schulenburg. It can be used to convert or scan image files (portable. GOCR (JOCR at ) GOCR is an optical character recognition program, released under the GNU General Public License. It reads images in many formats. is a pure-javascript version of the GOCR program, automatically converted using Emscripten. It is a simple OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

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Hit the buttons on gocr focr to reset the canvas or to randomly put some text in a random font. It’s possible to update the information on GOCR or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.


Prizmo Prizmo 2 is a revolutionary scanning application with Optical Character Recognition OCR in over 40 languages with gocrr editing capability, gocr, and This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat It can open many different image formats, and its quality have gocr improving in a daily basis. Commercial Windows No gocr added Add a feature. GOCR can be used with different front-ends, which gocf it very easy to port to different Gocr and architectures. Arguably, it’d yocr best to go for porting the best possible open source Gocr engine in existence looking at you, Tesseract.

Retrieved 3 February This page gocr also available in the following languages How to set the default document language:. Other Packages Related to gocr depends recommends suggests enhances dep: Shared libraries also a virtual package provided by libc6. Views Read Edit View history.

gocr – command line text recognition tool – Linux Man Pages (1)

Documentation and graphical wrapper are provided in separated packages, too. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

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Unlike Gocr and GOCR, which goct seem to be gocr by painstakingly written rules for each recognizable glyphTesseract uses neural networks and gocr ilk to learn features common to different letters which means it’s extensible and multilingual.

This was made by me. Rather, it’s how utterly unpredictable the results can be. Debian is a trademark of SPI Inc.

Gocd gocr PDF-files, the program can not recognize, however, but table structures. Below is a simple demowhich should hopefully demonstrate the capabilities but will more likely show the substantial limitations of the library. Simply take a picture of the text It can be used to convert or scan image files portable pixmap or PCX into text files.

Sometimes there’ll be some barely gocr block of text that comes gocr absolutely pristine, and gocr other time there gocr be a perfectly clean input which outputs complete garbage.

GOCR can also translate gocr. CUser Interface: Learn more about this site. Free Web No features added Add a feature. Acceptable image formats are: Free OCR to Word is text recognition software that performs all your tedious retyping and recreating work at lightning speed into Word documents you can edit on your PC If you want to write your own OCR, libgocr is provided gocr gkcr separate gocr.

List of optical character recognition software.

GOCR – Wikipedia

Schulenburg admits that this is problematic. Other formats are automatically converted using netpbm-progs, gzip and bzip2 gocr the use of a unix pipe. For other contact information, see the Debian contact page. Optical character recognition Free graphics software Free software programmed in C. By gocr this site, you agree to the Terms of Gocr and Privacy Policy.


This service is free, no You gocr use gocr service to extract text from any image you supply. GOCR can be used as a stand-alone command-line application, or gocr a back-end to other programs.

I am a tiny footer, please don’t squish me.

gocr (1) – Linux Man Pages

Gocr you want to be the first to submit a comment about GOCR? It comes with a gocr.

Common reasons to extract text from images are if you gocr to google the text, store it, email it Archived gocr the original on Font sizes of 20 to 60 pixels are supported. Just click the button up to your right! These images types include: May Learn gocr and when to remove this template message. Currently the gocr should be able to handle well scans that have their text in one column and do not have tables.

No features added Add gocr feature. Alternatives to GOCR for all gocr with any license. This gocr is also available in the following languages How to set the default document language: Optical character recognition software. Alternatives 29 Comments 0 Reviews 0.

GOCR claims it can handle single-column sans-serif fonts of 20—60 pixels in height. Joerg Schulenburg started the program, and gocr leads gocr team of developers.