This was the key point of the video presented; Charles Handy used the concept of the Sigmoid Curve to make the case for significant ongoing change. Handy went onto describe the Sigmoid Curve, the curve which explains so many of our present discontents and confusions. The curve describes the ups and. I wrote recently about S-curves (or Sigmoid Curves) as a way of Charles Handy (in The Empty Raincoat) used S-curves as a way to.

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This helped the school to manage an increase in pupil numbers, ensuring calm breaks and lunchtimes, and therefore, calmer lessons afterwards. The good old Cyrve one with jam in the middle. In a similar fashion, companies have the possibility and the opportunity to launch new growth curves — but they have to do so before they reach the tipping point that leads to decline. Not only companies should start planning their next product, service, new market while the first curve is still moving upwards but we, gandy as well.

For example, Teresa has a senior associate headteacher shadowing her while she gradually decreases the number of days she works a week. The last few years have seen schools place a growing emphasis on pupil well-being. Becoming too comfortable and boring at a position can be a sogmoid sign.

We start slowly, experimentally, and falteringly; we wax and then we wane. Before you would leave everything behind and jump out from your current position do the followings first:.

Before you would leave everything behind and jump out from your current position do the followings first: The new schools will be like: Inspired by its model, the school reorganised its leadership team into four teams, each with an associate headteacher leading it. Organizations have opportunities to renew themselves, to innovate their services and products, to change their business model, and to gain a new lease on life.

Of companies studied over 18 years by Peters and Waterman, only 3 lasted the course of the whole 18 years. In a year, it is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Future-proofing your school: do you need your own ‘Sigmoid moment’? | The Key

He views the essential paradox of this renewal and innovation in this way: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Measure how much money is enough for you for a reasonable good life — it can give you freedom. I happened to be fortunate enough to attend at a public speech held by Charles Handy and listen to a short summary of his book: Encouraging people to be dissatisfied with the way things are today gives them permission to push the boundaries and develop new ways of working — whether this is improving and making more efficient work processes or developing disruptive products and services.


Almost all organizations end up closing their doors — some do this in a planned and graceful manner, some do it through managed mergers and acquisitions, and some do it abruptly and without much notice. If you act too late, you may be in the downward curve and not able to turn things around.

Actually this is what we are doing here with FLIGBY — we are helping leaders to — beside getting to know themselves better — understand how they can build a flow promoting environment that enhances the flourishing of individual skills. Before sibmoid start plannig your second curve, you must know who you are and what your priorities are.

How managers should behave? Schools out — 10 best things about the end of term ….

Renewal, Innovation and the Sigmoid Curve

Teresa initially joined as a deputy headteacher when the school reopened, before becoming headteacher. With current uncertainty over education policy after the general election, I was interested to hear what Teresa Tunnadineheadteacher of the Compton School in Barnet, would have to say to us at The Key in her talk on future proofing through school leadership.

If you act too early on the cycle, you lose the fruits of the present life cycle. It lies in managing change and the art of timing. Going Up Instead of Down The Sigmoid Curve is named after “sigmoid”, the Greek word for the letter “s” and represents the curve of a new life cycle emerging from an existing one, much like an “S” on its side.

Learning to facilitate — one step at a time. Now imagine that you are driving in the countryside of Ireland and when you ask for directions to a little village Avocayou get the following explanation: Managing change and survival is at heart the way of all Nature. We all have these curves in our lives: Many organisations don’t survive.


Schools around the country…. Let children find their own answers and solutions while working on projects instead of telling them the answers for already solved problems.

Let them know about Manage Train Learn. Companies can expect to die — unless they innovate! Other members of the team due to retire in the next few years have a similar arrangement. They should know the core jobs and how much discreation they can allow around them and then leave the rest for the employee.

The first curve can give money and stability till the 2nd curve starts kicking in. And one of the most helpful models in doing this is the Sigmoid Curve.

The second curve – Leadership & Flow

They might see your golden seed, your special talent that you should nourish. Building on Life Cycles The challenge to those who live through natural life cycles is how to create new life from existing life rather than to go down with the existing cycle and having to start from scratch again.

Schools should be designed as Socrates has imagined them hundreds of years ago: In a day, it is wakening, preparing, activity and sleep. The question is how many curves will be evident in it before the organization comes to its inevitable close?

Although the school was already successful by this time, she decided what was needed was to focus on improving every element of teaching and learning to help raise haney further in the school.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We see things in terms of separate chunks of beginnings and ends: This diagram illustrates how management thinking and practice has evolved over time, as the changes in technology and markets meant that older modes of management would have resulted in the decline and close of the original companies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

And across a decade or so each aspect of the lesson has been dissected and improved.