Built in , Maison de Verre stands till this day as a true classic – beautifully modern, minimal and imbued with countless design lessons. Architect: Pierre Chareau in collaboration with Bernard Bijvoet at least until The Maison de Verre, the work of Chareau wavered continually. Description Change this. The Maison de Verre (House of Glass) is a collaboration of the interior and furniture designer Pierre Chareau, the.

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The access to the house is through a narrow passageway that finishes in a courtyard with the different entrances.

Constructed in the early modern style of architecturethe house’s design emphasized three primary traits: August 26th, Wikipedia. The hotel was in the interior of a block between two courtyards that defined its geometry.

Today it is still in use as a veere house. Life in a Glass House. Glass house by Robin Hill. In the interior, spaces are separated by movable, sliding, folding or rotating screens in glass, sheet or perforated metal.

Constructed in the early modern style of architecture, the house’s design emphasized three primary traits: La escalera principal cubierta en una serie de pantallas. Ventilation through the glass block wall is provided by a series of movable traps.

The initial plans of the couple had to be reconsidered because a protected tenant on the second floor refused to leave his apartment. Buildings and structures in the 7th arrondissement of Paris Houses in Paris Modernist architecture in France Buildings and structures completed in After Chareau fled Paris from German occupation during World War II, his own designs and his vast art collection were scattered when he sold them, as he tried to rebuild his career in New York. The program of the home was somewhat unusual in that it included a ground-floor medical suite for Dr.

We use cookies to make your reading a better experience. Zaha Hadid’s repertoire is a stunning display in Venice’s Palazzo Franchetti.

Much to his or her chagrin, however, the elderly tenant on the top floor of the building absolutely refused to sell, and so the patron was obliged to completely demolish the bottom three floors of the building and construct the Maison de Verre underneath, all without disturbing the original top floor.


When the Nazis arrived in France, The Dalsaces had to flee the country. By accepting or closing this banner you agree to the use of cookies.

The external form is defined by translucent glass block walls, with select areas of clear glazing for tranparency. Sources New York Times: The lz was a collaboration among Pierre Chareau a furniture and interiors designerBernard Bijvoet a Dutch architect working in Paris since and Louis Dalbet craftsman metalworker.

Hidden Architecture: Maison Verre

During the first half of XX Century, glass had become one of the iconic materials of the Modern Movement for instance, Mies Van der Rohe built the Barcelona Pavilion in and the Villa Tugendhat in but associated to the concept of transparency as an element of architectural sincerity and hygiene.

Retrieved from ” https: This level also contains the kitchen, the dining room, a solarium and a small study room with independent access from the Dr. Tags furnitureGlassPlansStructure. Pierre Chareau was a French architect and designer best known for the groundbreaking Maison de Verre in Paris that he designed with Dutch architect Bernard Bijvoet.

Internally, spatial division is variable by the use of sliding, folding or rotating screens in glass, sheet or perforated metal, or in combination. The physical boundaries in the Maison Verre are blurred by a constructive complexity of its partitions. The glass block wall itself, is able to stand alone without the heavy frame.

Maison de Verre

View more images View less images. Looking at the interiors of the project, these lines become complex railings, ladders that move trough space, translucent screens or glass and metal shelving. The complexity of its movable elements places the Maison Verre in a timeless situation within the history of architecture.

Internally, spatial division is variable by the use of sliding, folding or rotating screens in glass, sheet or perforated metal, or in combination.


Maison de Verre – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat It was built between and and is a stunning example of modern architecture in the beginning of the twentieth century. Other mechanical components included an overhead trolley from the kitchen to dining room, a retracting stair from the private sitting room to Mme Dalsace’s bedroom and complex bathroom cupboards and fittings. A rotating screen hid the stairs leading to the private apartment in mison upper floors from patients during the day, but framed the stairs at night.

This unique system causes a minimum of visual impact on the glass facade of the structure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InRobert Rubin, an American collector, bought the house from the Dalsace family and carefully restored it. Viewed from the courtyard the house which cannot be seen from the street looks, the house looks like a glowing translucent box, its great glass-block facade embedded in the 18th-century fabric and capped by the old one-story apartment level above.

Some of the notable “industrial” elements included rubberized floor tiles, bare steel beams, perforated metal sheet, heavy industrial light fixtures, and mechanical fixtures.

About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. That was the starting point of the Maison Verre project. The result is the construction of three new floors instead of the two original ones and creating double height spaces in some areas of the house. Pierre Chareau who was a distinguished furniture designer in Paris at maaison time gave enormous attention to detail, so much that the house itself was sometimes half-mockingly described as an elaborate piece of furniture.

Features News Events Competitions. Views Read Edit View history. En la planta baja se encuentra la consulta del Dr. The primary materials used were steelglassand glass block.