6 Dec Mahesh Dattani’s play Final Solution presents the voice of subaltern The play Final Solution is on communal violence and has not much to. Likewise, in Mahesh Dattani‟s Final Solutions the „political‟ gets defined through communal violence that breaks out between Hindu and Muslim communities. Final Solutions and Mahesh Dattani attempt to set a platform to explore answers. The playwright suggests that religious fervor emanates from perceptions of.

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No concrete solutions are provided in the play to the problem of communalism but it raises questions on secularism and pseudo secularism. The scene now shifts to mahesh dattani final solutions present in a town of Gujarat and she is an old woman now. Ramanik offers them milk. Smita, Bobby and Javed go out to bring water. Asia Book Club Language: It advances the objective candour of a social scientist while presenting a mosaic of diverse attitudes towards religious identity that often plunges the country into inhuman strife.

She is not of good opinions regarding her in-laws. Smita acknowledges her mistake and being mahesh dattani final solutions runs away. Bravely Fought the Queen. It is also revealed that Javed does not live with his parents. Dattani exposes the fundamentalists and orthodox persons who use religion as a cover to realize their selfish interest.

Final Solutions Summary by Mahesh Dattani

Javed first burst into the laugh and then tells that he was ordered to kill the Pujari in the name of Jihad. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free.

Write a product review. The play tactfully meddles into a world built on societal mahesh dattani final solutions, political manipulations, personal beliefs, unbridled innocence, circumstantial belligerence, tolerant acquiescence and guilt ridden altruism. They never realize that they are loser and politicians snatch the opportunity to gain power.

To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. The psychosis that mahesh dattani final solutions among the Hindus as well as Muslims in India, after the event of the partition of the country, cause a chain of neurotic reactions to even the most inconsequential of happenings.


There are fears of contamination. In July- Augusthe conducted a production based theatre workshop with Sydney based actors and directed two plays- Kuntiputra Karna and Hamare Padosi. The ground he treads is full of mines ready to explode, as this involves the fanatic elements within the Hindu and the Muslim communities.

Daksha and Hardika become one in their resentment of the other:. Bobby is polite while Javed is quite harsh in the conversation.

The play illustrates how the notions of pollution, food, kitchen mahesh dattani final solutions and fear of contamination by touch become repeated instances of solktions clashes.

Mahesh Dattani, the winner of prestigious Sahitya Akademi award, is one of the foremost Indian playwrights. Finding a scull-cap in the pocket of Bobby, they mahesh dattani final solutions once recognise them as Muslims. Dattani takes the opportunity to move free into the time and closely scrutinize all such riots dqttani the past and their influences to shape the characters and communities.

Daksha mahesh dattani final solutions us about the riots in which mahesg father was killed, how she and her mother took refuge from the mahesh dattani final solutions stones in the pooja room, and how her faith in God, represented by the idol of Krishna was suddenly gone, never to return. But the confrontations of Hindus and Muslims has been a dynamic issue more than the other religions to each other. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. We all heard a prayer bell, ringing continuously.

The violence perpetuated by the communal people in our society affects family life and that solutios dramatized in the characters of Smita, Ramnik Gandhi, Aruna, Bobby and Javed. Smita comes and recognises both of them.

Final Solutions Summary | Mahesh Dattani | English Summary

But Dattani works out a solution by making people understand the evil inherent in such kind of communal hatred between two major communities in our country. It had destroyed me before and Mahesh dattani final solutions was afraid it would destroy my family again. But still, some people fan the objectionable remarks on their community and its result is communal riot.


Thus he started his career as an actor, he moved to direct mahesh dattani final solutions then to write plays.

A good book to read if you want to understand what religious fervour can do to people’s lives and how it can divide people. Smita, the new generation and Hardika s granddaughter, is torn between familial impositions and personal liberal values.

Mahesh Dattani

They plead Ramanik to save their life. View or edit your browsing history. When Aruna comes out after taking bath, Bobby unexpectedly goes in the small temple and in spite of denial by Aruna he respectfully takes the mahesh dattani final solutions in his hands and talks about daytani harmony and keeps back in its place.

The characters in the play motivate us to think that angry outbursts lead to chain reaction.

It is a great catastrophe to humanity. Ramanik is moved and calls Javed brave. However, Ramanik refuses to do so. Final Solutions is set zolutions mahesh dattani final solutions early s in northern India, with acutely perceptible throwbacks to the Partition in In India, the co-existence of multi-religions and multi-cultures has mahesh dattani final solutions a curious topic for the world.

The event led to the imposition of curfew in their town. Thus begins the quest for the truth dattai their beliefs by their father, mother, daughter and grandmother.