Do you believe someone can read your mind? Lior Suchard can. He can delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say even before. Lior Suchard is a world-renowned entertainer and mentalist who first created a storm when he was selected as the winner of highly rated international TV show. A simple slight of hand is not nearly as exciting as a mentalist mind reader who He (Lior suchard) has a inborn talent of observing and reading people’s mind.

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I also enjoyed the transcriptions of his feats at suchatd shows, though I can see how one might get annoyed by the relentless refrain “then everyone was amazed!

In Support of Creativity I plan to read this book again and again. Just a misleading title. There are some interesting concepts, though, like maybe the mentalist somehow influences the subject’s “free” choice, and some useful intuition exercises, and a few references to check out there’s a book about neurolinguistic programming I want to read now.

Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. OKAY, on to Page 1. We’d love you to buy this book, and hope you find this page convenient in locating a place of purchase. Lior Suchard is a very nice and entertaining person.

Mind Reader: Unlocking the Secrets and Powers of a Mentalist by Lior Suchard

Get a free e-book from Book perk. This book encourages readers to think positively and believe in the power of the mind. And brainteasers, a few very dumb. Visit the official Harlequin book site. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category.


Scene of the Crime mystery fans. The links will take you to the Web site’s homepage. I loved some of the mind games he had us practice as well as tips on reading others. A lot of anecdotes that have been noted previously from better authors.

Did I miss something?? What kind of books do you like to read? The human mind is capable of extraordinary feats.

Want to Read saving…. I also liked how he explained how much positive energy he has to put into connecting with others.

Mind Reader – Lior Suchard – Paperback

Thanks for telling suhard about the problem. Oct 05, David rated it it was ok. I was shocked, gushing, “Wow, that’s where I work!!

If you are interested in magic tricks, mentalism, etc. In fact, the majority of this widely known information, such as mirroring, Wanna know about this book? Some of the questions at the end really make your right brain working.

Mind Reader

I would not recommend this book to my enemies! I didn’t like the tone of the book initially – Lior comes across as very full of himself, which he is, but he grows onto you eventually. I don’t think one ‘secret’ was “unlocked”. His creativity-boosting techniques enable readers to embrace their inner mentalist—and harness untapped mental powers to create positive change in their day-to-day life.

Jan 14, Anirudh Taneja rated it liked it. There is an abundance of untapped mental power that we have yet to discover living within our capacity to utilize. By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services. Year Year Jan 24, Raghul Krishnan rated it liked it. World Renowned Mentalist’ would have emphasized that the book is actually about how Suchard’s acts ‘went’ [did the audience express their amazement] Lior kept joking that he’d have to kill all of his readers if he told us the secret of his powers suggesting a magician’s trick Aug 31, Britt Malka rated it it was amazing.


This book is just all about the shows and tricks done by lior suchard. Read new romance book reviews, posts from your favorite authors, samples, exciting digital first publications and e-book specials.

Jun 16, Uday Sai rated it really liked it. I thought there would be a little more “how-to” involved than there was. Jan 19, Peter rated it liked it.

Lior’s secrets and lessons, illustrated throughout with interactive elements and brain teasers, will enable readers to achieve phenomenal success by unlocking their untapped mental powers and freely embracing their inner mentalist. Feb 06, Denise rated it did not like it Shelves: