Weapon Bombardiers took an oath to guard the Norden bombsight with their lives to . adjust targeting based on airspeed, altitude, drift and ordnance type. 4. The Norden bombsight was a tachymetric bombsight used by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) and the More Norden Bombsights at other Aviation Museums throughout the northeast A Norden Bombsight & Manual at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover.

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I sure norden bombsight manual your website – brought back a lot of memories – some good, some bad. By the situation on scientific exchange was entirely deadlocked as a result. I just found your interesting site via a Google search and enjoyed the photos and descriptive articles about the Norden.

The Army Air Forces adopted a procedure where the best bombardier was designated as the lead noorden and was placed in the lead aircraft of the formation. Al Norden bombsight manual book covers the subject in much more detail than I can provide. The norden bombsight manual was set on zero and now the real work began. Prior to the redesign parts were made to very tight tolerances but many parts would not assemble properly and were polished by hand to fit in assembly generally in a degraded condition.

I would love any additional information about your Grandfather as well as anything nogden that you might want to send in.

Norden Bombsight

University of Toronto Press. Eventually I became more accustomed to Astro-Inertial Nav Systems and sophisticated computer systems than in my early days of adjusting Disk Speed norden bombsight manual, but I still remember my Norden Bombsight experiences norden bombsight manual fondness and nostalgia. Even small errors in leveling could produce dramatic errors in bombing, so the Navy began a series of developments to add norden bombsight manual gyroscopic stabilizer to various bomb sight designs.

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Now try to get that mechanical computer to do that accurately at 40 degrees below to above. Norden actively attempted to make the bombsight incompatible with the A-5, and it was not until that the impasse was finally solved by farming out autopilot production to Honeywell Regulatorwho combined features of the Norden-mounted SBAE with the aircraft-mounted A-5 to produce what the Army referred to as “Automatic Flight Control Equipment” AFCE [18] the unit would later be redesigned as the C Barth offered to build an entirely new factory just to supply the Army, but the Navy refused this.

I shipped overseas in December ofand landed on the American Samoa main island, where we were to try to set up an advanced aircraft repair base, as noorden to the front lines as possible.

Video cameras in remote controlled bombs were being developed and used 60 years ago in Norden bombsight manual.

I have the original issue of Stars and Stripes proclaiming the Victory norden bombsight manual Europe. This sight is the last known sight to have actually dropped bombs. Let the history speak for itself and listen to those who were there.

Sperry S-1 Bombsight

Their show involved dropping a wooden “bomb” into a pickle barrel, at which point a pickle norden bombsight manual out. The results were greatly improved over the individual release results. We flew training runs in a Beechcraft twin engine plane equipped with the Norden sight and Sperry automatic pilot.

This led to orders for such designs from Estoppey, Inglis working with Sperry and Seversky. He never made the time to document any of his work.

Norden Bomb Sight

The sight also has the autopilot gyro attached to the aft end of the sight. In practice, this could take as long as eight and a half minutes. This unique opportunity afforded me a chance to closely examine the most famous of all the bomb sights.


I would like to find any other information about this to post here so if you all have anything that will shed light on this subject please let me know. In case norden bombsight manual bomber plane should make an emergency landing on enemy territory, the bombardier norden bombsight manual have to shoot the important parts of the Norden with a gun to disable it.

Many people know about the bomb sight head but few seem know that the stabilizer is required for the bomb sight to function and to be complete. Frank designed and built the machine himself. As the aircraft would climb or descend the internal motor would drive the disc in the norden bombsight manual head through a flexible shaft connected to the tachometer adapter.

The large gyro inside the Stabilizer will keep the sight pointed at the target should the aircraft deviate off course. It had several distinctions from the Norden, and some advantages. Area bombing, norden bombsight manual the RAF efforts, were widely used with and then bomber raids against large targets.

This remote installation was typical for almost all Army Air Force aircraft as it was a standard practice to have the C-1 installed whenever the Norden M series sight was used.