Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe. Selected speeches of Robert Sobukwe and a mini- biography. Compiled by. Sinethemba Sembene Mandyoli. SPEECHES OF MANGALISO ROBERT SOBUKWE [PAC Basic Documents]. 2 | Page to the special political police in Johannesburg who arrested Mr. Lawrence. 5 Dec Robert Sobukwe was born in Graaff-Reinet in the Cape Province on 5 December He became PAC Inaugural Speech, 6th April 3.

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A split was already beginning in our ranks; the Youth League was on the decline. And we knew that he himself would never go to jail. Intermarriage between tribes has always been the ideal for nationalists. I received the Zobukwe sheets from Leballo, and I contributed pieces. We believed that if we followed our plan, with the leaders in front, with sincerity, conviction, and gobert, that the power of our example would be enough to mobilize the masses to action, to non-collaboration.

Remembering Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe: 7 Quotes

We still respected him, but his opinion wasn’t sacrosanct any longer. This is why I can hardly dobukwe the sobukwr of P K “squandering money” on the outside, because he never did that when I knew him.

The response was poor in Johannesburg the day of the launching because of the lack of the leaflets. Also the late Patrick Duncan. The speeches of Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe are persuasive, incisive and evocative from the time he was at Fort Hare University until robwrt was arrested in I saw this as a way I could make my contribution, and also stay behind the scenes.

There were only a few exceptions – Nyaose’s Bakers Union, which was very well run and had actually negotiated and won concessions from employers, like a real union; and Lucy Mvubelo’s Women’s Garment Workers Union. It is from this myth of race with its attendant claims of cultural superiority that the doctrine of white supremacy stems.


And the third, which was our view, was that violence might sometimes roberg necessary and couldn’t be ruled out altogether. Leballo told me that one reason Sharpeville was so militant was because it was nearly all sotho and he could speak to them in the vernacular and they looked to him as one of them. Let me now focus on his speeches beginning with speeeches inaugural address to the founding congress of the Pan Africanist Congress PAC of Azania.

I think so, but I’m not certain. This means that white supremacy, under whatever guise it manifests itself, must be destroyed. P K also tended to always pick out one person that he didn’t speechss.

Then I consulted Joe Slovo, and he advised me that it would be impossible for only part of the group to appeal, since we had all been tried together. That would have undermined the people’s confidence. The main thing was that the ANC was about to launch its own pass campaign. Then a certain white arrived on the scene, a man named Vincent Swart. Pitje was the one who had had a connection with the early Youth League in the Transvaal.

We had to attract these people to us; of course we had to take their sentiments into account. I actually believed in seeing speeche more from a Marxist point of view in terms of the material interests that were at stake.

Speeches and statements by RM Sobukwe – HPRA

He wrote me a critical letter, saying that our view of the situation was too “apocalyptic. We thought he was a good leader and could be kept if he could be “tied” to a program. He could also advise on action and organization.

In April he was elected president of the Pan Africanist Congress at its founding.

People were just brought there to ratify the Charter. He lacks a common touch. We thought we could win by means that fell short of this. He was only known to the early Youth League men. In the US, for instance, I am critical of black radicals who have gone beyond the use of nonviolent methods.


Ironically, I think Calata proposed this clause. They had seen the uselessness of these bodies. My children have schooled in Lesotho and they speak Sotho best. Nairobi to host Music In Africa conference for collaboration and exchange. People’s grievances were very strong in Cape Town. He took us to meet the Indian editor of his paper [Indian Opinion], I don’t recall his name, but it wasn’t Manilal Gandhi. It didn’t make sense to most people to oppose him simply because he was a Communist [Party member].

Mandela had a way of attacking people very viciously if they disagreed with him, and were a “smaller” person than himself. The second day we were parked near a path off the main road and two teenage boys passed, carrying sticks, wearing blankets, their faces painted white.

Ellen Molapo convinced us that women were capable of understanding our philosophy.

In the National Executive he picked out Nyaose as the one he didn’t like. He could reduce them to a “shriveling” mass, then he would “pat them on the head and draw them to him,” and thereafter they would be his men, always deferring to him, looking sobukqe to him.

Some were going over to the Communists.

More than anyone else, he was always willing to put the party’s interests above his own. Do you think there was any element of cynicism in the ANC regarding the alliance? The struggle was always to bring the ANC back to the Program.

Did you feel rpbert was out of date?