Shiva Sahasranama Stotram (Linga Puranam) In Kannada: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link. ⇒ Shiva Sahasranama Stotram ( Linga. Category: Nonprofit. Siva Sahasra Nama Stotram Duration: min. Views: Category: People. Sri Siva Sahasranama Stotram – Part 2. Duration: min. The Shiva sahasranama is a “list of a thousand names” of Shiva, one of the most important deities in Hinduism. In Hindu tradition a sahasranama is a type of.

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Mahaadantaay, The Lord has the greatest teeth Varnavibhaavinae, The Lord is the author of the different categories Sarvagyaay, All pervading, Omniscient, who is all knowing Bahudharaay, the Lord is the upholder of all the categories beginning with Sahasrqnama Guhyaay, One who resides in the cave of the heart, The knower of the secret meaning of the Upanishads Sarvadaevamayaay, You are the one in whom all the Gods reside Dhanvantarayae, The Lord is the physician Dhanvantaree Maharaetasae, The Lord is the one in whom the manifest and unmanifest form of the universe exists Yajuhapaadabhujaay, One whose form are the very limbs of the sacrifice- the feet and the hands Mahaeshvaraay, The one who is the Supreme Lord of even the celestials Saankhyaprasaadaay, One who is attained through knowledge Prajaadvaaraay, The Lord is the sahasrsnama to progeny kahnada Aabhigamyaay, One who is the Lord of the senses, perception Subeejaay, The auspicious cause of all Adharshanaay, One who is dauntless, fearless Balaghnae, The slayer of the Asura Bala Kalayae, He who is associated with Kaali The presiding deity of Kalyuga Nartakaay, One who makes other to dance Varah, The best, sahasranmaa 8.


Mahaadanshtraay, He has the greatest jaws Gambheeraay, One who cannot be fathomed.

Dharshanaatmanae, The Lord is fear Nrutyapriyaay, One who is fond of dancing Vishvaroopaay, One who has the universe as His form, in Whom the Universe is displayed Lord Shiva is the Sahassranama of all created beings, including the bhootas, rakshasas, etc. Haraay, The merciful Lord ‘takes away’ from his devotees their ego, sorrow, pride, etc.

Mahaayudhaay, The greatest warrior with mighty weapons Ketavae, The Lord is the Ascending node, Ketu Nirvaanaay, The Lord is the goal of seekers of liberation Khanginae, One who holds a sword Darbhachaarinae, The Lord treads the sacred grounds where the sacred grass grows Darbha EngvarB from April Use dmy dates from April Pakshinae, The Lord is the King of the birds – Garuda Gambheeraay, One who has a deep, thundering voice Kanjada, The Lord is pure free from any stainsOR fair in color Mahaajataay, The Lord has the greatest matted locks of hair Jataa Yoginae, One who sahazranama devoted to Yoga Pravrutti, The Lord is the origin from where all activity flows, the source or energy for action.

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Vivasvatsavitramrutaaya, The Lord is shivva with innumerable rays kabnada light, and brings forth the Universe, and also is the form of the Soma juice which is consumed during sacrifices Haemakaraay, The Lord is the maker sahasarnama pure gold Sarvavaasinae, the Lord is omnipresent, One who resides everywhere ParamnTapaay, The Lord is the highest penance, the supreme goal of those who perform austerities Ratayae, The Lord is the form of cheerfulness and pleasure Nandayae, One who is blissful Darpanaay, The Lord is a mirror in which the Worlds are reflected