VALVE LOCATION – Sporlan discharge bypass valves. (DBV) can be installed in of hot gas condensing in the bypass line (especially on remote systems). ble, contact Sporlan Division, Parker Hannifin for further suggestions. APPLICATION. Sporlan Hot Gas Bypass valves provide a precise meth- od of compressor. Find great deals for Sporlan Adrhe/80/85k Discharge Hot Gas Bypass Valve Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Hot gas bypass question. What are you wanting to accomplish?

I’m just trying to understand what kind of valve is used in this case. Can you think of any others?

Danfoss Symposium Explores Resiliency and Efficiency. Gary McCreadie Jan 06, Categories: Hot gas bypass question I’m trying to understand how the hot gas bypass works.

This setpoint is adjusted to the desired minimum evaporator pressure. Bypasa Posted by Poodle Head Mikey.

Sporlan Hot Gas Bypass

Dumping directly to suction doesn’t. Wouldn’t a electronic TXV be better suited for this application because of a greater control range? The only reason I can think of for using after-evap HG injection is convenience of installation. This is the one I found in the first place and one from Danfoss as well.

Is the pressure of this valve adjustable? Originally Posted by kallileo. Hot gas bypass valve. It’s 6t tank sporlan hot gas bypass 2x 5 HP compressors.

If you use hot gas bypass, the expansion valve remains nearly at full load all the time, so an EEV wouldn’t be of much advantage except if you needed sporlan hot gas bypass control Hot gas bypass valves are a simple and very effective way to add a false load on an evaporator coil.

Starting with the hot gas adjustment backed all the sporlan hot gas bypass out, slowly begin to adjust the valve inwards until the flow of hot gas raises the evaporator pressure to the desired setting of 60 spprlan.

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You will need an interface to set up this valve, an Allen key will not sporlan hot gas bypass. Oil Burners Pro’s Forum: For instance, if you want to maintain a suction pressure of 60 psi in the evaporator, perform the following steps.

Training and Education Pro’s Forum: The electronic set up can be used for more accurate control of evaporator temperature.

As people re-enter the hall, a true load will increase evaporator temperature and the hot gas bypass will close. Unfortunately I can’t post links or images of the circuit.

The Hot Gas Bypass Valve Explained

Subscribe to this feed. PHM The conventional view spprlan to protect us from the painful job of thinking. Adjusting the valve inwards will sporlan hot gas bypass more hot gas to flow through the valve, backing out the adjustment will allow less hot gas to flow through sporlan hot gas bypass valve.

For example, if the return air in a system is close to set point, regardless of what that set point is, the suction pressure will sporkan lower than if the return air was five degrees above set point, correct?

Week of July The valve will maintain that set point by monitoring evaporator pressure and adding hot gas as needed. In that case I think your approach to it is correct. During an intermission, people leave for a break, the load drops and the room approaches set point. The link below for Sporlan Bulletin will explain what they are used for, how they work and how sporlan hot gas bypass are applied: The output of the valve is directly piped sporlan hot gas bypass the inlet of the evaporator after the TX valve.

There are mechanical valves and electrical valves.


Sporlan Hot Gas Bypass

Say for oht if the system pumps down on shutdown. Sporlan liked this post. As a space or process temperature reaches set point, hot gas can be added to the evaporator to raise its temperature. Does the milk enter the tank through sporlan hot gas bypass plate-frame or sporlan hot gas bypass it only cooled In the tank? Evaporator inlet with no distributor, this configuration follows the same principles as above.

PHM If I may add to that, injecting hot gas after the expansion valve also maintains refrigerant velocity for proper oil return to the compressor.

Let’s take a look at how the valve operates.

The problem is for sporlan hot gas bypass specific case the flow of liquid into the tank is very slow and the tank should start cooling when the pillow plate evaporator of the tank is only partially covered so in order bbypass avoid the formation of ice on the evaporator and very low pressure on the outlet of the evaporator there is a need to add some load.

PHM Originally Posted by icemeister If I may add to that, injecting hot gas after the expansion valve also maintains refrigerant velocity for proper oil return to sporlan hot gas bypass compressor. It should be noted that oil return to the compressor could be an issue due to refrigerant bypassing the evaporator coil. This prevents compressor short cycling with varying loads, compressor stops and starts are a major factor in compressor failure over time. Building Science Discussions Pro’s Forum: